Hi. Welcome to the Holmdel Cross Country Website. The purpose of this is just to see what i've been doing these past few weeks. Haha.. I have too much time in my hands.. learning HTML.. perl (and still not done yet).. cgi (same as perl).. flash production.. and making and maintaining this webpage.. started in like the first or second week in august.. oke.. im done for now..


The Poll Results/Runner of the Week section is up! -> Got rid of Pr's for that.. still good
New Poll up!
More pics!!
More results!!
More profiles!! (Jon Kwong and Neil Bhojani)
Finally.. after a few days in Taiwan.. get to update.. since everyone's like buggin me like crazy to get it updated.. so here it is.. =)
Photo gallery is in place now
More Results up
Put in the poll.. lol
"Tainted Love".. hehe.. u group 1 and 2 guys know.. misc page.. lol
Added a whole bunch of profiles.. and edited others.. sorry it took sooo long.. Dan Lo.. Will Tang.. Dave Grabs.. Leo.. James.. Tim Chou
Fixed the cgi stuff for the login and form processing..
Finally got the results for the scrimmage against Mater Dei and the 2 mi time trial for those not running the varsity course up.. (FINALLY STEVE)
Added Richard Li, Shan Kapoor, and Wesley Cheung's profiles
Added a new map!! the Frosh course.. can't forget that.. the new frosh need it.. lol
Added Leo Vignone's Profile
Now http://www.holmdelxc.com works too!
Fixed schedule so it has changes and additional meets we are going to updated
Added David Wrigley's Profile
Fixed the Information Movie.. added the year with the rankings so u won't forget what year you're looking at..
Added the years we won Sectionals.. States.. MOC..
Finally! The Marquee race between Craig Segal and Coach is finished! Now Coach.. u can actually win! hehe.. just one problem to it.. u'll see it if u refresh enough =) gotta fix that.. it's in the Miscellaneous page..
Added Grabs's Profile.. sweeet
Added a Guestbook.. dunno if i'll keep it up there tho..
Added the "Daily Funnies" section.. in Miscellaneous
Got the login script to work.. so now u Holmdel XC guys don't have to ask me for the link to the profile form page
Fixed the Profiles page so Holmdel XC guys can log in.. like what i said before..
Edited some people's profiles so that there's no profanity.. racism.. etc..
Added more links into the Links Flash file..
Added Eric Hu's profile.. the first frosh to do it.. good job!
Added Randall Li's profile.. [ now they're getting it.. =) ]
Got the Information (Flash Movie) up.. FINALLY JERM.. hehe
Changed the big blue box in the main page to a big blue box with the words "Holmdel" "XC" ".cjb" ".net" in font "Impact".. don't remember the size.. but who cares?
Started the Profiles Page.. and processed the forms of.. coach's.. mine.. Quraish's.. Ed's.. Eric Liou's.. Craig's.. Will's.. and Eric Yen's.. Thanks to you guys for testing it!
Added the bets in the Miscellaneous section.. you better keep them coach!! hehe.. we'll keep ours.. =)
Added the compliments from Quraish..
Worked on the form processing script.. blah.. a pain.. but i finished it.. hehe yay!
Added James's little thing with the rubik cube
Fixed the Holmdel Park Map.. had complaints about not being able to see the Back Wood stuff.. changed the color.. and added the "Kill Zone"
Made the Credits Page.. Thanks to all who helped!
Changed Marvin the Martian's head to Craig Segal's head.. for the race between Segal and Coach.. hehe.. it was by demand.. now i have to figure out how to randomize the speeds..
Started the Navigation Bar.. actually.. finished it.. cool isn't it?
Finished the rollover image things.. whatever they're called.. it's on the main page..

hehe.. i forgot what i did the days before 8/27/00.. so.. i'll just leave it from there.. but whatever else i didn't mention here.. i did it before August 27, 2000.. aiite.. One thing.. why did i make this?? hah.. i have no clue.. oh well.. enjoy looking through the Holmdel Cross Country Webpage =)