Richard Li

General Information~

Name: Richard Li

Age: 14

Grade: 10

Gender: male

Height: 5 ft 4 in

Weight: 107

Eye Color: brown

Lucky Numbers: 21,23,27

XC Related~

Why did you do XC? I always got passed by my friends when we did the mile in gym, and I decided I needed to do something about that. I also needed to get into shape for tennis.

Part of XC course: back woods



Band/Music Group: Creed

School period: lunch

Movie(s): The Matrix

Thing to do when it's raining and there's nothing to do: surf the net, do homework, fill out a profile, do nothing

TV show(s): anything that's on when i actually get control of the remote.

Sport(s) to play: tennis, baseball, golf

Sport(s) to watch: tennis, baseball(Go Yankees!), football

Quote: "It's all some ish!" -Siwei

A Look into the Future~

Preferred College(s): Stanford

Future Career: don't know


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