Eric Yen

General Information~

Name: Eric

Age: 17

Grade: 12

Gender: male

Height: 5 ft 10 in

Weight: 5000000

Eye Color: brown... except in the morning then it's red;P

Lucky Numbers: 55 OH YEAH!

XC Related~

Why did you do XC?
1.stay in shape
2.weight loss=P
4.Sprinting seems so much easier when you do XC first
5.That wonderful dying feeling will never scare you again
6.It's fun being able to outlast ppl in a looooooong race.
7.The progress is worth the pain.

Part of XC course: The finish line... ALL THE TIMES ARE POSTED THERE!=D


Food: The stuff I'm not allowed to eat during the season=P

Band/Music Group: That band... you know the one... with the people... and the music... yea that one...

School period: 2/5/7... when 2 and 7=free

Movie(s): FACE/OFF & 1001010 The Matrix 1011011

Thing to do when it's raining and there's nothing to do: If there's nothing to do then I guess I'd be doing nothing=P

TV show(s): Simpsons!

Sport(s) to play: Frisbee, volleyball, hurdle/XC races (even tho i stink at them), etc.

Sport(s) to watch: Any that doesn't overlap onto the other TV shows I watch=P

Quote: "You won't never regret this Mr. editing guy"

A Look into the Future~

Preferred College(s): CMU, UIUC, Cornell, UMCP, UC Berkeley, NYU

Future Career: Living off unemployment money probably=P


Shoutouts to: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! there... that's my shoutout

Additional Comments: blah