David Wrigley

General Information~

Name: David Wrigley

Age: 16

Grade: 11

Gender: male

Height: 6 ft 1 in

Weight: 175

Eye Color: green

Lucky Numbers: 9

XC Related~

Why did you do XC? the sense of accomplishment you get when you beat your goal

Part of XC course: The Back Woods and "The Kill Zone" aka the last part of the course because it is where i like to pass people


Food: pineapple

Band/Music Group: Nine Inch Nails

School period: the period i have lunch

Movie(s): Office Space

Thing to do when it's raining and there's nothing to do: run and do stuff on the computer

TV show(s): Win Ben Stein's Money / Futurama

Sport(s) to play: Cross Country, Golf

Sport(s) to watch: Hockey, Track, Cross Country


A Look into the Future~

Preferred College(s): none yet i guess i should get started

Future Career: get paid for doing very little


Shoutouts to: to all my homies in oaktown

Additional Comments: good website steve