Dave Grabosky

General Information~

Name: Dave Grabosky

Age: 15

Grade: 10

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft 9 in.

Weight: 135

Eye Color: Blue

Lucky #'s: 7; 12; 24; 18.59

XC Related~

Why do X-C?: In 6th grade I did it so that I could have something to do after school. I stayed until 8th grade because of the company and because by that year, I could become captain - everyone likes a little authority, right? From there, what kept me coming back for more in HHS was the fact that I broke my p.r. by 40 secs. in the last race. I got excited about that and wanted to do more. So I did it in my freshman year and stayed because of the company, plus because of the goals that I had yet to achieve. I guess that is wwhat will always keep me coming back. Also, it feels good to be part of the winningest tradition at HHS!!!!!!!

Part of XC course: 1/2-way through backwoods because by that time I have recovered from the Bowl and then it is fun to tick people off (from the other team) by passing them in the last minute or so!


Food: Penne Pasta, Baby Back Ribs, the Butcha's subs

Band: anything playin' in the truck

Type of music (think it is a ?, but not sure): same as above

Things to do when there's nothin' to do: Root against pro NY teams on TV or surf the net

TV shows: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Sport to play: X-C, spring track, "x-c football", baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, volleyball

Sport to watch: Baseball, college football, summer olympics and trials, Tiger Woods strictly when he is blowing away the competition

Quote: "The only thing to fear is fear itself." -FDR & "It's quantity not quality." -Anonymous

A Look into the Future~

College: somewhere where it is warm all-year and where the college is known relatively well...like U of Florida or U of AZ

Future Career: Prize Runner (just kidding); seriously i have no idea


Shoutouts to: Steve: Awesome web page! And in the races - if u stick, i'll stick
Leo: You still owe me $5 for that Poland Springs!!!!
Wrigs: Nice job with the map - you're a genius!
Q: I'll be waiting my turn for a ride in June!
Segal: It is crrrraaaazy!(the fact that, if u are wondering, yes, I will let u beat me a couple times this year - don't worry!) haha
Eddie Li: Yeah, my head is still on - I'm workin' on it!
Andril: so these "guns" they speak of, I don't see them - I'll have to look for them in "the take-down"
James: I'll try to keep u in my sights in the races - even if I have to whip out the binoculars sometimes!
Merces: So, are u going to rake the lj pit this year - we need u in varsity raking!

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I know I didn't "shoutout" to everyone, but if I did, this novel would be too long! Sorry!