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The Funnies Section

Welcome to the Daily Funnies Page! So much happens each day when the Holmdel Cross Country Team meets. Whatever happens during that time, it's all worth putting it up here, especially the wierd things. Ok, enough said. Enjoy!

August 31, 2000 -
At the beginning of practice.. before the warm-up loop.. in the parking lot..
Segal and Ed: "Ok guys.. warmup loop!"
A Freshman: "Uhh... coach said to do Long Street as our warmup..."
Segal: "When did he say that??"
The same frosh: "Uh.. yesterday.."
Ed: "Were you even here yesterday??"
The same guy: "No..."
Segal and Ed: "SO HOW DO YOU KNOW?????"
the frosh: "I heard......"
Segal: "What the.."
Ed: "Ok, whatever.. it won't hurt to run extra.. ok.. warmup!!"
frosh: "But....."

August 31, 2000 -
After practice.. we got to eat bagels..
Steve: (looking at bagel) "Uh.. what the.. what kind of bagel is this??"
Ed: "Haha steve.. i dunno.. is that onion??"
Steve: "i dunno.. looks like that stuff on one of those chinese bread thingies.."
Mr Mullen walks by the table in the commons..
Jeremy: *mumbles* "Uh.. Mr Mullen.. what bagel is this?" *sounds like "Uh.. Mr Mullen.. want a bagel?"*
Mr Mullen: "What? Do i want it? no thanks.."
Jeremy: "I meant do u know what kind is it?"
Mr Mullen: "Oh.. i dunno.. looks like spinach.."
Steve: "Huh?!?! What?!?!?!?! Spinach bagel!?!? daym.. hah.. oh well.."
Ed: "Hahahahaha"
Steve: "Hey coach.. what kind of bagel is this?"
Coach: "I think it's spinach.."
Steve: "daym... haha.. oh well.."
Ed: "hahhahahahaha"

September 1, 2000 -
F rE eZ St eV E: hey craig.. coach can win in that race now
F rE eZ St eV E: heh
G0lgi: dammit!
(I was talking about the marquee race between Craig and Coach.. it's in the miscellaneous page..)

September 7, 2000 -
While our loooong recovery run.. wes.. a frosh.. tripped on a root.. and his leg was bleeding..
Coach: Wes! Are you ok?
Wes: yeah.....
Coach: Will you be able to get back? or do u need a lift?
Wes: I dun want to get my socks dirty!!!!!


September 9, 2000 -
Coach is taking attendance during the beginning of practice.. and he gets up to Tim Chou.. Coach: Tim Chou..
Andrew (his brother): he's not here..
coach: what do u mean he's not here?
andrew: uh.. i dunno...
coach: what do u mean u dunno? don't u live in the same house?
andrew: uhh.. yeah..
coach: and u didn't see him in the car?
andrew: uh.. i dunno..
coach: what? so u didn't see him in the car? why didn't u wake him up? where is his room?
andrew: it's on the other side of the house..
coach: mann.. this is the worst excuse i've ever heard.. u live in the same house.. u're his brother and u dunno where he is???
andrew: yh.. yeah..
coach: jeez.. that's bologna.. have him call me tonight after 7pm ok? cuz that's just ridiculous..

September 12, 2000 -
Before the scrimmage against Mater Dei.. everyone is at the back of the locker room except for a few frosh.. Next thing we know.. they run out of the school and started to sprint to the traffic light..
James: H..! (Ed covers James's mouth before he could yell "Hey!")
Craig: Man.. what are they doing.. gotta go get them..
Steve and Craig and Ed: "HEY FRESHMEN!!!"

(the frosh stop..)
Frosh 1: Ohh! we thought u were those guys...

September 13, 2000 -
at Thompson Park...
Coach was talking to us after our run.. then all of a sudden he gets splashed..
Coach: "Wes!! what was that for??"
Wes: "I didn't do it! Ici did.."
Coach: "Ici! I'm WET!!"


September 17, 2000 -
at the XC Party at the Grabosky's residence..
Tim: "I'm thirsty. I think I'll get a drink.." (walks over to the grill and picks up container with fluid in it)
Merces: "Uhh..."
Grabs: "What are you doing?"
Tim: "Getting a drink"
Grabs: "But that's lighter fluid"
Tim: "...Oh"
Andril: "Yeah, next thing you know, you start to see Tim's head exploding.. Oh man"

October 7, 2000 -
at the Shore Coaches Invitational at Holmdel Park..
Jeremy: "Coach, i can't find my uniform top. i think someone took it. so can you find out who 3579 is?"
Coach: "Aiite, let's see..." (looks at a bunch of papers that was on his clipboard).. "Ah! here we are.. 3579 is.. YOU!"
Jeremy: "What?"
Coach: "Hahahha, you dufus! That's urs! and you come up saying urs was taken by someone else.. hahaha"
(will, james, steve, ed and craig start to crack up)

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