Here's just a page where the people/company webpages get recognized because i used their help/stole graphics from them.. and also the programs that i used.. hehe.. sorry.. but thanks! =)

HTML - Macromedia Dreamweaver 3

Movies - Macromedia Flash 4.0

Graphics - Paint Shop Pro 6... Adobe Photoshop 5.5

FTP - FTP Explorer... WS_FTP LE... MSIE 5.0 built-in FTP

Free URL Redirection - CJB.NET

Free Webspace - Tripod

Olympus Homepage
Scullion's Timing
Running Network
Running Magazine
High School Runner
NSJIAA Homepage

Map of Holmdel Park and scanned pics- Dave Wrigley

Photos taken by -
Steve Chen
Craig Segal
Jeff Grabs
Dave Wrigley

Faces - Craig Segal

Information and schedule template- Jeremy Chu

Some help on code - Jon Chu (rollovers and explanation of code).. s na f u (more rollovers)

Ideas -
Ed Li
Jeff Grabosky

Website Surveryors (in no particular order):
Grace Low
Ed Li
Jeremy Chu
Kati Yeh
Mindie Wu
Coach Loughran
Joe Tsai
Jon Chu
Hain-Lee Hsueh
Mark Chisholm
Eric Liou
Guang Yao Yang
and the list goes on.. sorry if i forgot u..

Books I used -
Teach yourself Web Publishing with HTML 3.2 in a Week ~ Third Edition
SAMS Teach Yourself PERL in 24 Hours

Most of all.. the one who wanted this site put up - Coach Loughran

Thanks Again!