Steven Chen

General Information~

Name: Steven Chen

Age: 16

Grade: 11

Gender: male

Height: 5 ft 10 in

Weight: 137

Eye Color: brown

Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 20, 31, 86

XC Related~

Why did you do XC? Well.. first of all.. i suck at the rest of the sports.. football.. i'll get squished.. baseball.. no hand-eye coordination.. basketball.. i just plain suck at it.. all the rest.. not in my interest.. etc.. anyways.. cross country is like one of the sports that training will get u success.. well.. most things are like that.. but you know.. also.. to get fit.. if not already.. fitter.. get ready for track.. now that's just the outter section of it.. the inner reasons.. cross country is one of those sports that require A LOT of dedication and mental concentration.. and it can teach u to focus.. concentrate.. it can be also an analogy to life.. its like a race.. there will be times during the race where it'll be smooth like the downhill.. and then there comes the uphills and the pain.. same with life.. sometimes life'll be smooth.. the way u want it to be.. but at times u'll face difficulties.. so ur only resolution is to endure it once it is over.. then it'll be good again.. same as in xc.. pain will come to u somewhere in ur run.. no doubt.. but when u get it.. dun quit or stop.. just endure it.. as coach would say.. "suck it up".. and keep focus on ur goals.. once ur mind wanders away from xc.. ur dead.. and once u finish.. u get that feeling that u've finished the race and that u've tried ur hardest and that u will be looked up to because u overcame that pain.. so why am i saying this? it's becuase when we finish that run and go back to our lives.. we will get these difficulties.. and we need to keep a focused mind to overcome it.. once we wander away or try to stall or put it away for later.. it's gonna be worse.. but once we overcome.. we get the prize.. peace.. joy.. etc.. xc will help u achieve more.. with more focus and concentration.. u can do better in ur studies.. work.. other sports.. etc.. In addition.. seeing how those ppl can run like super fast for long distances gives inspiration.. i mean.. daym.. i want to be like one of them.. another thing.. sorry about this being soo long.. it gives a sense of desire.. u have to work til the very end of the race... when ur running that last mile.. if u don't push urself to kick like crazy.. ur just gonna waste urself by being passed.. but once u go.. ok.. im gonna use up whatever's left in me and maybe beyond that for this last mile.. and u keep pumping ur legs.. start to breathe heavily.. and feel pain all over.. u'll end up doing a heck of a lot better.. time-wise.. and maybe end up outkicking a few more guys.. which is a good feeling.. hah.. sorry about my "essay" :p

Part of XC course: i would say.. the back woods and the "kill zone".. back woods all downhill :).. and the "kill zone".. hehe.. get to pass people.. and it's the end of the course! :)


Food: chinese.. eventho it's VERY greasy.. pasta.. spaghetti.. WATER!!! hehe

Band/Music Group: dun have one

School period: ap comp sci!! that was soph year.. now.. i guess it's the sciences..

Movie(s): Gladiator, Matrix

Thing to do when it's raining and there's nothing to do: sleep.. haha

TV show(s): Baby blues.. Family Guy.. Escaflowne

Sport(s) to play: track.. xc.. baseball.. ultimate frisbee.. basketball.. volleyball

Sport(s) to watch: track (gotta love the trials and olympics).. baseball.. basketball

"Dance as though no one is watching you,
love as though you have never been hurt before,
sing as though no one can hear you,
live as though heaven is on earth."

A Look into the Future~

Preferred College(s):
Rutgers (blah).. MIT.. Princeton.. Columbia.. UIUC.. i dunno.. gotta do some searching..

Future Career:
Major in EE (Electrical Engineering).. minor in CS (Computer Science)


Shoutouts to:
my "lil sis" grace.. steve's spirituality lifter and "mei" kitkat kati.. the one and only bagel grl raech.. lakers dood terence.. mah "br0" joe tsai.. my favorite aunts chantel, joyce, tiffany.. "selfish runner who.. 'runs for the sake of the team'" eddie hehe, jk ed.. the bestest and nicest person min.. dah ANIMAL wrigs.. daym dah super runner craig segal.. "wei wei" wayner.. airted.. "<<gasp>> is that sugar steve??!?" jenn chen.. james lee superstar yeah yeah yeah.. "*in chinese accent* hallison" harrison.. buff boy will.. "LAN party!!!" 4tv0.. smart smart pei un nat.. "muchos talents and smarts" webpage master sam.. always kind and helpful baybeeruth.. "JH is num 1" joe huang.. "sumbah" dan hehe.. most crazy driver lawrence.. "tailgating??" ryan hehe.. very computer literate josh.. mah super great bud since 5th grade endy.. amazing golfer jerry.."Yankees!!" geoff and jon chu.. "bun dan?" jon cheng.. kirby and dbz fanatic hain-lee.. SlickRic eric liou.. "lets annoy paustian! haha" q man.. my future volleyball very smart computer guy charles d.. the smartest grl i've met viv.. "let's raid them with a million marines! (starcraft)" neil patel.. computer freak jerm.. gundamn boy grady.. soccer grl cindie wu.. super tennis guy steve su.. raptorblood masato.. "A-BOMB!!" roger.. jellybeans michelle dejesus :0).. michelle neri
"sorry i can't go to ur sweet 16.. i have a track meet on that day".. "what? u dun want one cuz ure not good at sucking??" lia.. haha.. oh man.. ahhh~ can't forget my fellow xc guys and coach!!! hehe.... sorry if i forgot the rest of u peeps..

Additional Comments:
haha.. i dunno.. i made this site.. i dunno what else to do with this page.. so im asking the rest of u guys!! hehe