we believe that human life is very precious. Therefore, we will have a tight control on weapons to prevent more deaths. Gun control will be strictly enforced. If someone has possession of a gun without a license will be arrested and imprisoned for 4 years. If a gun was used for an inappropriate reason, the gun will be taken away from the person, his license revoked, 2 years in prison plus the sentencing of the crime committed.

Nuclear warfare is a problem. Nuclear weapons are everywhere. There is no way that we will destroy all bombs, but we will be able to reduce the number. We will create alliances with other countries that will help destroy them and form an alliance of peace. If we form a "world alliance", little by little we will be able to make nuclear warfare disappear.

we will appoint to the position of the judicial branch the strictest judges. Therefore no one will break the law and escape punishment.

any offense

we believe that drugs are hindering the progress of the United States. we will do all we can to remove these obstacles from our society. If we must illegalize drugs, we will. There will also be no leniency for dealing or possessing drugs. If anyone is caught with drugs he will be sent to jail for 25+ years or be deported to a different part of the country, depending on the amount. If anyone is caught dealing drugs, all persons involved will be sent to jail for 35+ years, depending on the amount.

In modern societies, minority groups are still copious and segragated against. Because of their differences, they lack the educational and finiancial aid they need to become active in the comunity

the solution to that problem is to incorporate them into our daily lives and to accept them as equals. We will provide them with the opportunities that most people take for granted and make sure that are adequatly taken care of.

In order to maintain peace, we need to remove all these problems from our society. If one city starts to clean up the mess, it will influence other cities to clean up. And this will ultimately help make the United States a better place. And the future will be a pleasant one.